Home training systems with laser shot

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North America’s first real hunting scene high precision laser target shooting

Our high precision laser shot training system is perfect for young hunter’s education, foster events, and youth exploitations, sporting competitions, enhancement of your marksmanship, shooting ability or advertisement.


#  High precision self calibrating system (perfect for mobile studios)

#  Real life hunting scenes in High Definition

#  Various screen sizes available (small basement to large cinema)

#  Use your own hunting footage

#  Use your own hunting equipment (rifles, shotgun, pistol, revolver)

#  Use of kid’s appropriate equipment and footage

Feel free to contact us. We can supply everything concerned with the laser shooting! It doesn't matter, if you need a complete shooting system or a single component, like a laser gun: We offer you high-quality products for an effective shooting training and much more. Want a demonstration: call us…

Laser shooting is an optimal alternative; but only with the right equipment. This is offered here from experts at Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about home laser shooting.

Laser shooting is for everybody: Here, at, you can find everything concerned with laser shooting and home shooting systems. Best quality is offered by our high-precision camera system and therefore an optimal hit analysis and, of course, much fun is guaranteed.

Want to rent us for your event:

We offer mobile laser target shooting studio for rent (in your basement, in your garage, in the field, in your construction hall). Or you come to our facility to experience the close-to-reality big screen (9’ x 9’) studio, using real life hunting scenes. Not enough: Bring your own footage, bring your own gun; we make it possible. Replay your best hunting memories … your imagination is the limit! And this can be fun for the whole family; non-animal target shooting for kids available. Appropriate and perfect for kid parties.


#  Safe shooting experience

#  Low cost young hunter education (safe gun handling, shot placement)

#  Improve your marksmanship w/o spending ammunition

#  No animal is hurt

#  No expensive cartridges or shells are spent

#  A LOT OF FUN for the whole family